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My Faith Journey

Sometimes people are surprised to learn I’m a Christian. I’m not sure why…perhaps because I don’t sing it from the rooftops! Lol.

We went to church every Sunday as a young family…some of you may have already seen the photo above, taken at Sunday School. I look thrilled to be dressed up as an angel. I can’t imagine what I was possibly in such a foul mood about!

At some point we stopped going to Church (I think with three young children it all became a bit hard). But in my twenties, and even more so in my thirties, I found myself turning back to my faith, especially as I encountered difficulties in my life.

As someone who feels the need to control things and prides herself on being an excellent problem solver—I find comfort (and unease) in the fact that I don’t actually need to control or fix everything… Sometimes—oftentimes—things are much better left to God.

As a now thirty-eight year old, I enjoy going to church. I look forward to it each week. I find incredibly peaceful.

But regardless of all of that, I believe (and am thankful that) everyone can choose their own religion and beliefs and we should always respect other’s decisions. I married into a family of Hindu faith, and I have Muslim and Buddhist friends. We respect and acknowledge each other’s faith without judgement.

I feel like my faith is a lot like my Christian romantic suspense books…subtle yet powerfully threaded through every aspect of my life and my stories.

I hope you’re loving the new books. If you haven’t yet read them because you don’t think you’ll like the Christian themes…I dare you to give them a go :)

There are three books in the series so far (book four will be released around September 2022). The books can be read in any order (they are standalone stories in an interconnected series) and are available at Amazon/Kindle Unlimited. Click the links below to download a copy:

Eden— a Best Seller and only $0.99 for a limited time!

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